How Dan B Actually Makes His Money?

Dan B has been the hot topic for many years. His lifestyle is amazing enough to bring in over 10 Million Facebook followers and similarly huge numbers on other social media. He is known for spending time with gorgeous, barely dressed girls, exotic cars and private jet rides. The public story is that he makes his living by playing poker, but is it really the case? We decided to investigate.


Dan claims to be playing poker for a living and in a recent interview Dan said that he had made over $50 Million in a single year playing poker. Unfortunately video interview has been deleted from YouTube, but you can still find various reputable sources writing about his claims. Here is one from Pokerstrategy. If this is just one record year, his total $100 million (Wikipedia Link) net worth seems reasonable, right? Well, we didn’t think so and decided to do a research style article. So why do we suspect he couldn’t have made $100 million in Poker? Because even the biggest and best Poker players in the world make only fraction of what Dan claims to have made. And besides that – Dan has never appeared in any major Poker games both offline and online, so even if he made some money playing it, it definitely didn’t exceed couple million.

Here is a quote from recent interview with Anthony Zinno – currently ranking as 4th best poker player in the world:

” I’ve been involved in both offline and online poker for 12 years and know of all the biggest names in the game. From what I’ve read, I’m not the only one who never heard of Dan B. All serious players know that besides a handful of outliers, all of the biggest winners in poker play cash games, not tournaments. Online players also know basically every single player who plays in the biggest stakes in the world, which one would have to play in order to make anywhere near $10 million, let alone $100 million. ”

So clearly poker isn’t what he actually does, but what is it then? Well noone knows for sure, and it will remain a mystery for now.